a new type of san francisco scavenger hunt - welcome


Scavenger Crawl is a fun and quirky charity event that promotes community togetherness and local awareness in the Bay Area. It is a mash-up of scavenger hunt, fun run, pub & grub crawl, and a costume parade. Compete against other Crawlers in a fresh, new scavenger hunt that challenges both your feet and your brain.

Teams will be given a list of challenges at the starting point and the first to complete their selected checkpoints, and cross the finish line with the most points, will be the winner. When this type of patient takes Ativan, the drug acts on the receptors in the brain called GABA. ativan.html. Many other medication options will stop working for an individual after awhile and require the doctor to search for a new medication to take its place. www.glaucomanet.org/klonopin.html. Serotonin levels control how much blood is allowed to flow through the tiny vessels in the head. Rizatriptan. Maxalt can therefore control this blood flow by controlling how much serotonin is available.

>> Registration is CLOSED. If you're interested in participating, show up at Sports Basement at 1pm for on-site registration!

SITE UPDATES: The next Scavenger Crawl will be on Sunday, November 6, 2011. Our fall event will benefit Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program.


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